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d2jsp.org was founded in 2002 by Paul Taulborg and is a support forum for all games, whether through trading, tournaments, discussion or information. We have changed and grown into the largest gaming and trading community on the Internet.

d2jsp.org is currently a huge international social network community and trading nexus, which focuses around an economy based on d2jsp Forum Gold. Players can buy and trade Forum Gold for numerous goods and services across a diverse platform of online games and users.

d2jsp is also the home of Ladder Slasher, a free competitive hack and slash style RPG.
Site Updates [Aug 1 - Sep 15] by Kevin
Sep 17 2018
Hello everyone!

Quite a bit of effort this past month has gone into the second re-write for Ladder Slasher which includes new content. If you haven't tried the game yet you should check it out: Play Ladder Slasher. For those new players out there be sure to check the Ladder Slasher forums as there are quite a few resources at your disposal.

Our moderation team has grown quite a bit this month also. We welcomed back David, promoted Zach and added three new team members Joe, Rich and Kaj.

We are always looking for new and fresh ideas to implement so don't hesitate and make a suggestion, we frequently check this forum and appreciate the effort you put in when making suggestions.

Here is a full list of the changes and updates applied since August 1st:

Public Changes [Aug 1 - Sep 15]:
  • Added navigation breadcrumbs to the Help pages (Aug 1 2018)
  • Opened the Race Event Trading forum for the new race event: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2187588 (Aug 4 2018)
  • We are now allowing ISO topics in all blizzard trading forums for giftable items from the battle.net store with the exception of legacy games: d2, d2:lod, wc3, wc3:tfh (Aug 4 2018)
  • New Trusted Member: OverDoSex (Aug 6 2018)
  • Updated incorrect translation in profiles for Online/Offline status with the Slovenčina language as described here (Aug 16 2018)
  • Completed another major server re-write for Ladder Slasher (v1.30.6) and released with updates and new content (Aug 19 2018)
  • Changed the security code font for login (and other places) to be easier to see the difference between a 1 and a 7 (Aug 24 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where subscribing to topics/forums might expire after 90 days instead of 180 or 365 days (Aug 24 2018)
  • Updated the d2jsp Trading Rules to remove all references to "My Events" (Aug 27 2018)
  • Staff promotion: BlindzF Retired Moderator -> Moderator (Aug 27 2018)
  • Staff retirement: Panjer Trade Moderator -> Retired Moderator (Aug 27 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Xaysia Member -> Members++ (Aug 27 2018)
  • Removed defunct Guild Rank feature to toggle warn % view on Guild Member List (Aug 30 2018)
  • Updated all display styles to have a max-width for display sizes greater than 1080p (eg, 2k/4k/5k, UHD) (Sep 6 2018)
  • Staff promotion: OverDoSex Member -> Members++ (Sep 6 2018)
  • Staff promotion: 71_Demon Member -> Members++ (Sep 6 2018)
  • Fixed push notifications in Firefox so they now work again (Sep 10 2018)
  • Rewrote the color selector for Orb Settings and Profile Settings to be much cleaner and more logically arranged (Sep 11 2018)
  • Renamed heading for Edit Ranks for Guilds to Edit All Ranks for more clarity on functionality (Sep 13 2018)
  • New Trusted Member: ViperPrism (Sep 13 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Kayak Members++ -> Trade Assistant (Sep 13 2018)
  • Added new Guild Rank Right for Editing Own Name and functionality (Sep 14 2018)
  • Made more Guild Action warning/errors show a more standard error message (Sep 14 2018)
  • Added proper button spacing on Confirm Leave Guild page (Sep 14 2018)

We have some new features that are nearing completion so look out for them in the coming weeks.

In case you missed the previous updates, you can read about them here:
Site Updates [Jun 25 - Jul 31] by njaguar
Jul 31 2018
Hello everyone!

There have been a lot of updates this last month, including some complete rewrites of the Live Chat and Ladder Slasher servers. If you haven't tried Ladder Slasher in a while, give it a shot! It's more accessible than ever for new players to find good items! Here is the full digest of changes since the last update:

Public Changes [Jun 25 - Jul 31]:
  • Fixed an empty dt for error messages in the PM Box (Jun 25 2018)
  • Added a text search option to Site Suggestions that searches the Title, Description, and Author. Suggested and posted about here (Jun 25 2018)
  • Removed My Events as a Push option from the Push Notifications Settings page (Jun 25 2018)
  • Adjusted (decreased) left/right padding on buttons to be more uniform with new pager (Jun 25 2018)
  • Adjusted (increased) top/bottom padding and (decreased) left/right padding on tabs to be more uniform with new pager (Jun 25 2018)
  • Removed an unused form element from topics (Jun 26 2018)
  • Fixed and added a missing </form> tag to the Push Notification Settings page (Jun 26 2018)
  • Removed unnecessary lc class and width definitions on Account Settings page (Jun 26 2018)
  • Made all checkbox labels clickable and show a pointer cursor on Account Settings page (Jun 26 2018)
  • Completely redesigned the Account Settings page (Jun 27 2018)
  • Rewrote the new pager css a bit to create better wrapping and margins (Jun 27 2018)
  • Changed a tag type on the search pager that removes a double right border for forums with text search enabled (Jun 27 2018)
  • Rewrote the button css a bit to create better and more consistent wrapping, padding, and margins (Jun 28 2018)
  • Added some spacing between PM buttons when composing or replying to messages (Jun 28 2018)
  • Added some spacing between Add Reply, Edit and Preview buttons in Topics and Guild Topics (Jun 28 2018)
  • Added some spacing between Edit and Preview Notes buttons in profiles (Jun 28 2018)
  • Updated the guild topic viewing wording from "browsing" to "reading" and changed to use new pager css (Jun 28 2018)
  • Anonymous users are now hidden from Guild Topic viewing lists -- If you are anonymous, your name will show up gray (Jun 28 2018)
  • Redesigned the "now viewing" user list for topics to hide certain elements conditionally, and show yourself as gray if anonymous (Jun 28 2018)
  • Fixed more minor wrapping issues on one of the Ladder Slasher View Ladders pagers (Jun 28 2018)
  • Added a more meaningful error message and standard error display when attempting to view a public guild topic from a guild that has been deleted (Jun 29 2018)
  • Added zebra stripe coloring to Guild Topic Block Lists (Jun 29 2018)
  • Added optional notes when blocking users from Guild Topics as suggested here (Jun 29 2018)
  • Guild Topic Block List now shows when and who added a block, moving forward (Jun 29 2018)
  • Made the Guild Topic Block List wider and mobile friendly (Jun 29 2018)
  • You can no longer send PMs to someone if your PM box is full (Jun 30 2018)
  • Rewrote sound notifications on the Instant Messenger so they now work without Flash (Jul 2 2018)
  • PM box now uses the new pager for list of folders, eg, Inbox, Sent, Trash, etc (Jul 3 2018)
  • Guild Logs search bar now uses new pager and has better mobile wrapping (Jul 3 2018)
  • Finished and completely ported and rewrote the Chat/Instant Messenger server (Jul 5 2018)
    • It should have more reliable notification processing
    • It now supports and requires secure websockets (https, wss)
    • Link to Chat on www.d2jsp.org changed to use current scheme instead of forcing http
    • Fixed numerous internal bugs and inconsistencies
    • Will make it easier to support in the future if/as needed (such as, maybe more notifications in the future)
    • * Please note that Push Notifications are still the preferred way to receive instant notifications

  • Fixed output for Ladder Slasher events if Teleport Traps are reduced to 0 to display -100% Teleport Traps instead of -0% (Jul 5 2018)
  • Updated the Hourly Raffle Pick 3 Random Numbers function to have a slightly more uniform and random distribution (Jul 5 2018)
  • Re-enabled the ability to request a mediator within service topic types (Jul 5 2018)
  • Updated editor [ ## / max ] box to use new css pager (Jul 7 2018)
  • Optimized and removed obsolete old pager styling from all Display Style css files (Jul 9 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Bodierox Retired Moderator -> Trade Moderator (Jul 9 2018)
  • Added proper formatting and made the button class display properly on Purchase button for a Friend Slot located on the Friends page (Jul 11 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where users with a space in their name would break notification formatting in the Instant Messenger as reported here (Jul 17 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where the Add Reply button would not return focus to the bottom Reply textbox if it was already open (Jul 28 2018)
  • Staff retirement: Kafir Junior Moderator -> Retired Moderator (Jul 28 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Kayak Members -> Members++ (Jul 30 2018)
  • Completed Ladder Slasher server rewrite and port as originally discussed here https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=79061200&f=272 and https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=79186498&f=272 (Jul 31 2018)
  • Ladder Slasher v1.30.4 released: https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=79246498 (Jul 31 2018)
  • All pages will now redirect to https (Jul 31 2018)
  • Updated LS items (character pages, etc) to properly show Maps that have +Well stat (Jul 31 2018)
  • Ladder Slasher profile market items: Added a will be deleted line if an item is expired to indicate when it will be deleted (Jul 31 2018)
  • Added some padding to LS items in profile (Jul 31 2018)

Thanks for everyone that helped report and test issues this past month. Much more to come!

In case you missed the previous updates, you can read about them here:
Site Updates [May 26 - Jun 24] by njaguar
Jun 25 2018
Hello everyone!

We've made lots of updates and changes this last month: visual improvements, better mobile experience, QoL changes, and some fixes. Here is the digest of changes since the last update:

Public Changes [May 26 2018 - Jun 24 2018]:
  • Added a help link icon to Push Notification Settings (May 26 2018)
  • Added export option of Plain Text (tab separated fields) to Export Gold Logs (May 26 2018)
  • Changing Personal Photo now gives you a real time preview (May 28 2018)
  • Lots of UI updates to the Hourly Raffle, including more mobile friendliness (May 29 2018)
  • Changed Forum Gold text for the Hourly Raffle to on the main forum index page (May 29 2018)
  • Cleaned up the Hourly Raffle Last 100 Winners page (May 30 2018)
  • Updated all postimage urls from .org to .cc in the Photo Gallery as per this request to fix broken images (May 31 2018)
  • The actual numbers picked for each raffle now show up in the Hourly Raffle Last 100 Winners list (May 31 2018)
  • Replaced all of the Hourly Raffle image balls with a css generated design, and more UI tweaks and updates (May 31 2018)
  • Archived and renamed the Softcore Incursion Trading and Hardcore Incursion Trading Path of Exile forums (Jun 1 2018)
  • Added a help link icon to the Name Change page (Jun 2 2018)
  • Fixed Guild Charter images so that they will automatically resize for smaller displays (mobile, etc) (Jun 4 2018)
  • Fixed some mixed content warnings and made news topics link to same URI scheme on the Ladder Slasher pages (Jun 6 2018)
  • Fixed a bug on the Tracker where attempting to edit an unsubscribed topic or guild topic would result in a page error (Jun 7 2018)
  • Fixed a bug on the Tracker where attempting to edit an unsubscribed forum would result in a page error (Jun 8 2018)
  • Added a Level % Charge Table to the Ladder Slasher Help and Guides (Jun 9 2018)
  • Removed old no longer used css class .editor from all styles (Jun 10 2018)
  • Many preliminary css tweaks and cleanups (Jun 10 2018)
  • Rewrote and normalized+optimized all of the site styles (css) (Jun 11 2018)
  • Optimization - Added some new auto css styles to remove manual declarations (automatic zebra striping, last column formatting, etc) (Jun 11 2018)
  • Fixed mobile background color bug on some table condensing (Jun 11 2018)
  • Miscellaneous Ladder Slasher Help and Guides cleanups (html, css) (Jun 11 2018)
  • Removed the default bolding of buttons (Jun 11 2018)
  • Fixed redirect screen doctype, css and vertical alignment (Jun 11 2018)
  • Fixed top pager on the User Birthday List to display in the proper location (Jun 11 2018)
  • Updated orbs to have a better glow (Jun 11 2018)
  • Fixed user profile transparent middle section not working in Firefox (Jun 11 2018)
  • User orbs now show up on the Public Guild Topic List (Jun 12 2018)
  • More css optimizations, cleanup, removing extraneous classes (Jun 13 2018)
  • Closed and archived posts in the Softcore - Americas Season Trading and Softcore - Europe Season Trading forums in preparation for Season 14 (Jun 14 2018)
  • Removed the extremely old and antiquated "not working?" link for the Gold Send form (Jun 15 2018)
  • Trade or poll icons now show up if applicable next to the topic title on the Recent Posts page (Jun 15 2018)
  • Changed topic counts in forum view so that the Help: documents line no longer counts as a topic in the bottom right summary of viewed topics (Jun 15 2018)
  • Removed some now obsolete css classes from Gold Logs (bc1, lc) (Jun 15 2018)
  • Archived posts in the Diablo II Ladder Trading forums for Season 22 (Jun 15 2018)
  • The Gold Send Form now automatically displays when on another user's gold logs (Jun 16 2018)
  • Removed some now obsolete css classes from the Guild Member Lists (bc1, lc) (Jun 16 2018)
  • Removed some now obsolete css classes from the Tracker (bc1, lc) (Jun 16 2018)
  • Updated the Last Picked Numbers section on the Hourly Raffle to have better formatting and display (Jun 16 2018)
  • Fixed a double closed div tag and cleaned up the top left section in user profiles (Jun 18 2018)
  • Set an actual border color on buttons for each style instead of it reverting to a browser default which was typically black/gray (Jun 18 2018)
  • Removed extraneous div tag from post view (Jun 18 2018)
  • Added blue balls to Raffle Last Winner list for drawn numbers (Jun 18 2018)
  • Fixed Page x of y wrapping on mobile for individual topic view (Jun 18 2018)
  • Made pager, quick filter, and search bars on forums wrap better on mobile (Jun 18 2018)
  • Updated all internal links and images to use https in the Help section. You shouldn't see any insecure notices in the URL bar anymore (Jun 18 2018)
  • Staff promotion: RistVaLL Members -> Members++ (Jun 18 2018)
  • New Trusted Member: Instrument (Jun 18 2018)
  • Removed colgroup markup from forum topic list (Jun 19 2018)
  • Added FT, ISO, Service, and Price Check icons to the applicable tabs in trading forums (Jun 19 2018)
  • Added hiding of FT, ISO, Service, and Price Check text and only show the icons when in mobile view (Jun 19 2018)
  • Added FT/ISO icons next to Selling/Buying items choices when making a New Trade (Jun 20 2018)
  • Made pager have better mobile wrapping on guild topics (Jun 20 2018)
  • Added a missing div container to page/reply section of condense view guild topics (Jun 20 2018)
  • Added a div clear to the bottom of forum style guild topics to fix some mobile wrap overlapping (Jun 20 2018)
  • Removed Events from the top bar (Jun 20 2018)
  • Optimized the markup for the quick search bar in forums (Jun 20 2018)
  • Completely redesigned the pager to look better and be more mobile friendly (Jun 21 2018)
  • Pager now does not display if there is only one page to view (Jun 21 2018)
  • Pager now has Previous and Next buttons for easier page navigation (Jun 21 2018)
  • Added new pager styling and removed Quick Filter: prefix to quick filter, search bars (Jun 21 2018)
  • Removed Calendar/Events from profile (Jun 21 2018)
  • Fixed a button display overlap glitch in the Message List if no pages (Jun 21 2018)
  • Redesigned the top/bottom arrows on topics to use styled css for a more consistent look across all devices and styles (Jun 21 2018)
  • Changed the mini-pager for topics to be 1,2,LAST page instead of 1,2,3,LAST page (Jun 21 2018)
  • Updated Friends List search bar to use new pager css (Jun 22 2018)
  • Updated mini-pager for topics to new css rendering removing some unnecessary html elements (Jun 22 2018)
  • Changed the mini-pager for topics to be LAST-1,»LAST page (Jun 22 2018)
  • Updated Guild List search bar to use new pager css (Jun 22 2018)
  • Made page, filter, button wrapping mobile friendly on Live Streams (Jun 22 2018)
  • Updated the Live Streams game filter box to use new pager css (Jun 22 2018)
  • Fixed a button display overlap glitch in Manage Address Book and Manage Block List (Jun 22 2018)
  • Removed redundant markup from Manage Folders and Archive Messages (Jun 22 2018)
  • Updated the Ladder Slasher View Ladders page to use new pager css for the selectors (Jun 23 2018)
  • Made the Ladder Slasher View Ladders more mobile friendly (Jun 23 2018)
  • Made video on Ladder Slasher Screenshots page auto resize to fit smaller screens (Jun 23 2018)
  • Removed an old no longer used css directive for mobile on the forums topic lists (Jun 24 2018)
  • Updated gold receive PM to use the new pager css (Jun 24 2018)

We have much more slated to work on, including a few new public features we hope to finish up soon.

In case you missed the previous updates, you can read about them here:
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